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Variable Refrigerant Volume

Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems are intended for very large homes and commercial installations.

A VRV system can be designed to suit almost any capacity requirement.

The system may be:  

  • HEAT PUMP SYSTEM - Either heats or cools in all areas.
  • HEAT RECLAIM HEAT PUMP SYSTEM - Is able to heat in some areas while cooling in other areas at the same time.

DaikinDaikin’s revolutionary VRV systems provide air conditioning solutions in any type or size of building, whether new or refurbished.  

Daikin VRV with inverter technology achieves significant savings in energy, running costs and space.  

Daikin VRV outdoor units can be easily located on the roof avoiding the need for a plant room and providing more usable space for occupancy.   VRV is quicker and easier to install and requires less plumbing and wiring than water-based chiller systems. Because installation can be carried out one floor at a time, new buildings can be occupied quicker and there is minimal disruption when VRV is retro-fitted in existing buildings.  

Independent control of each unit avoids energy wastage and a wide range of indoor unit optionsdaikinVRV provide great flexibility for tenants.  Reduced installation space, extended pipe runs and the neat appearance of the VRV outdoor unit provides greater flexibility in design.  Better management and efficiency of a VRV system can be achieved with Daikin’s intelligent control options. These sophisticated but easy-to-operate controls provide building owners and managers with individual monitoring and control of every unit in any size building.  The Intelligent Touch Controller with colour display and user-friendly screen is a highly advanced centralised air conditioning management system.

The Intelligent Manager provides increased efficiency in the operation of air conditioning in larger buildings, resulting in lower energy costs.  The BACnet Gateway connects with Daikin VRV units and BMS to provide integrated control systems.

Daikin VRV has a self diagnosis feature making maintenance quick and easy.

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