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Heating and cooling Canberra for over 35 years.

Ducted Heat Pump

The indoor unit is usually located in the ceiling or under the floor with flexible ductwork distributing conditioned air through registers located throughout the area to be conditioned. The condenser is installed outside the home.  

Whole House Heating & Cooling

The capacity of the system will be selected on the basis of you deciding on what the greatest area will be that you wish to condition at the same time.


Zoned System Heating & Cooling

Motorized zoning is the convenient way to turn outlets on and off. Electric motors will operate the damper to control the air flow to the selected outlet or a group of outlets. Manual zoning is less expensive and allows a greater flexibility in isolating certain areas.  Zoning may be used to trade off one area against another, thereby stretching the capacity of the equipment OR to reduce the running cost by conditioning a smaller area.

As the leading installer of residential and commercial heating and air conditioners in Canberra, we choose to work with the following suppliers:

Mitsubishi Electric
AHI Carrier

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