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Cooling can be delivered b either by a refrigeration system OR by evaporative cooling.   Evaporative cooling Evaporative coolers are available in five colors. The unit will be located above the roof.  Cool air will be ducted to ceiling mounted registers. Refrigerative System  The decision now is whether you wish to condition:   ONE area only. This requirement may be satisfied with a wall hung or floor console split system.  DUCTED to a number of areas. This system may be an add-on to a gas furnace or an independent system consisting of an indoor unit, located either under the floor or…
Wall Hung Units The most cost effective way to condition a single area is with a wall hung split system. The indoor unit has to be connected to the outdoor unit with interconnecting refrigeration pipes and electrical wiring. In addition, there is a condensate water drain line which is to carry away the moisture removed from the air during the cooling process. Generally, if possible, the indoor unit is installed on an external wall to allow the interconnecting services to penetrate the wall and drop down to the outdoor unit within a Colourbond cover. If there is no external wall available…

As the leading installer of residential and commercial heating and air conditioners in Canberra, we choose to work with the following suppliers:

Mitsubishi Electric
AHI Carrier

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